Wyoming, Montanna, & South Dakota – September 2017

A few days off in the middle of my busiest season is always such a blessing! Every year, I’ve decided to take Labor Day weekend off so that we can go on a road trip somewhere fun. This year, we loaded up the jeep, put the canoe on top, and went off for a camping adventure. Tony built us a mini bunk bed in the back of the jeep so we could store all of our supplies and luggage underneath and have a place to sleep, too!

2018-01-01_00012018-01-01_0002Right when we arrived, we took advantage of the last hour of light and took a quick little hike to a secluded lake.2018-01-01_00042018-01-01_0003We finished our hike in the dark! Luckily iPhones have flash lights because we brought our headlamps with but the batteries ran out! (Lesson learned to always bring extra batteries!) We drove to our campsite and woke up to this beautiful sunrise through the trees. 2018-01-01_0006We woke up by off-roading on this trail with the jeep! It was so fun (and bumpy!)! We were laughing so hard by the end of the journey.2018-01-01_00072018-01-01_00082018-01-01_00092018-01-01_0010Then we took the canoe out on this beautiful lake. It was still early enough where the water was nice and calm and there was nobody out there. A perfect way to wake up! 2018-01-01_00112018-01-01_00122018-01-01_00132018-01-01_00152018-01-01_0016Next stop– Hiking!! Tony found this hike to a cook glacier lake. He said it was about 7 miles roundtrip so we figured we would be done in a few hours and on to the next thing. When we were a few miles into the hike and still not at our destination, I was skeptical! It was taking forever and the hike was hard! Lots of up and down. At one point, we lost the trail in the tall grasses and walked around aimlessly for about 15 minutes before we found it again! Pretty sure that’s how people die in the wilderness. Oops.2018-01-01_00172018-01-01_00182018-01-01_00192018-01-01_00202018-01-01_00212018-01-01_00222018-01-01_00232018-01-01_0024The trail led us to this AMAZING glacier lake. We spent about an hour there just absorbing God’s amazing creation. While we were sitting on a rock eating our lunch, we heard the couple next to us say “Welp! We did it! Halfway there, only 7 miles back!”. Tony and I just looked at each other and I had one of those “I told you!” moments, and we couldn’t believe that we thought we were doing a 7 mile roundtrip hike…. not a 14 mile one!2018-01-01_00252018-01-01_0026WE FINISHED! Fourteen miles of stair stepping! haha! Soo sweaty and SO TIRED! 2018-01-01_00282018-01-01_0027That night we drove the short distance to Montana so we could see the Devils Canyon Overlook. We woke up before the sun rose and when we got to the overlook we were the only people there. It was SO eerily quiet and really cool to be the only people there as we watched the sun rise through the gloomy skies.2018-01-01_00292018-01-01_00302018-01-01_00312018-01-01_0032Chevy was SO happy!2018-01-01_00332018-01-01_00362018-01-01_00342018-01-01_00352018-01-01_00372018-01-01_00382018-01-01_00392018-01-01_0040On this day, we started making the tip back to Minnesota! We stopped in South Dakota and stayed at Sylvan Lake Lodge in the most adorable little cabin. We first did the short “hike” around the lake, and then finished off the sunset by taking the canoe out- one of Chevy’s favorite things in the world. I love that this beautiful setting is in South Dakota. I believe that South Dakota is seriously underrated! We should go explore there more often.2018-01-01_00432018-01-01_00442018-01-01_00452018-01-01_00462018-01-01_00472018-01-01_00482018-01-01_00422018-01-01_0049

We are abundantly blessed to have adventures like these. God is SO good.

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