Montana – Glacier National Park

A couple of weeks before Labor Day, I realized that I had taken Labor day weekend off from shooting weddings. We originally planned to spend it with family and friends, but everyone was kind of going their own way, so Tony and I decided we would soak up the last of summer with a road trip to Montana. Glacier National Park to be exact. We thought about flying, but with gas being so cheap, and the fact that we could bring our dog, Chevy, along if we drove– we decided to drive! So, we hit the road for a 14 hour road trip!

My favorite part of the trip was driving ‘Going-To-the-Sun Road’. The views were just amazing. We also stayed at the most adorable glamping resort that I would recommend to anyone! It’s safe to say, I’d go back to Glacier again in a heartbeat.


Chevy has never seen mountains before… he was so happy.2016-09-07_00462016-09-07_00472016-09-07_00482016-09-07_00492016-09-07_00502016-09-07_00512016-09-07_00522016-09-07_00532016-09-07_00542016-09-07_00552016-09-07_00562016-09-07_00572016-09-07_00582016-09-07_00592016-09-07_00602016-09-07_00612016-09-07_00622016-09-07_00632016-09-07_00642016-09-07_00652016-09-07_00662016-09-07_0067

This was our accommodations for the trip! Glacier Under Canvas! We had fun glamping with a king sized bed, wood stove for heat, and a short walk to the bathrooms and showers! 🙂2016-09-07_00912016-09-07_00692016-09-07_00702016-09-07_0071

I’ve never seen water so clear and blue in my life. Unreal.2016-09-07_00722016-09-07_00732016-09-07_00742016-09-07_00752016-09-07_00762016-09-07_00772016-09-07_0078

Our favorite hike while we were there was the one to Stanton Lake. Since most of the tourists were in Glacier, and we were in Flathead, we were the only people hiking the trail which was awesome. It was so peaceful and brought us to the most beautiful lake. 2016-09-07_00792016-09-07_00802016-09-07_00812016-09-07_00822016-09-07_00832016-09-07_00842016-09-07_00852016-09-07_00862016-09-07_00872016-09-07_00882016-09-07_00892016-09-07_00902016-09-07_00932016-09-07_01102016-09-07_00972016-09-07_00982016-09-07_00992016-09-07_01002016-09-07_01022016-09-07_01032016-09-07_01012016-09-07_01042016-09-07_01072016-09-07_01082016-09-07_0106

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