South Dakota – Harvey Family Vacation

Of all the traveling that Tony and I do… This one probably goes down in the books as one of my favorite trips. Very rarely does my family all travel together, so renting the van and going for a road trip made me feel like I was 10 again!

The two big highlights of the trip were driving through Custer Park and visiting Mount Rushmore. We sang camp songs, shared stories, and just had the best time hanging out all together.2016-10-15_00012016-10-15_00022016-10-15_00032016-10-15_00042016-10-15_00062016-10-15_00072016-10-15_00082016-10-15_00092016-10-15_00102016-10-15_00112016-10-15_00122016-10-15_00132016-10-15_00142016-10-15_00152016-10-15_00162016-10-15_00172016-10-15_00182016-10-15_00192016-10-15_00202016-10-15_00212016-10-15_00222016-10-15_00232016-10-15_00242016-10-15_00252016-10-15_00262016-10-15_00282016-10-15_00292016-10-15_00302016-10-15_00312016-10-15_00322016-10-15_0027

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