Arizona – Second Anniversary Trip

Tony and I made a pact that every year on our anniversary, we were going to go explore a new place in the U.S.! Last year, we visited Colorado. This year, we decided to hike the Grand Canyon.

My uncle Paul lives in Phoenix, so when he mentioned that this was something he wanted to do, Tony and I were in.


I got a new camera before the trip and it is now my favorite thing ever. It’s the Fuji x100t. Perfect for traveling and every day. Lightweight and small enough to fit into a jacket pocket. All photos from this post are from the Fuji or Go Pro!


DAY TWO: Hiking the Canyon. We got up before the sun and started our decent into the canyon at 6:30 AM!

2016-09-07_00152016-09-07_00162016-09-07_00172016-09-07_00182016-09-07_00202016-09-07_00212016-09-07_00222016-09-07_00232016-09-07_00242016-09-07_00252016-09-07_00262016-09-07_00272016-09-07_00282016-09-07_00292016-09-07_0030DCIM100GOPRO2016-09-07_00312016-09-07_00322016-09-07_00332016-09-07_0034This is the sign we didn’t see at the top of the canyon….. haha. oops. 2016-09-07_00352016-09-07_0036DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRO

20 miles and 12 hours later, we did it. Victory. Sweet victory.

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