Throwback- Colorado 2015

Well– being a photographer means that May is the beginning of my “busy season”. And that means that when I take photos of our personal adventures, editing them gets put on the back burner until I am all caught up… which usually means I’ll get around to it in February! So…. behold! I present you with the photos and video from our anniversary trip that we took last May for our very first anniversary! Tony and I made a plan that every year on for anniversary, we will visit somewhere new in the U.S.  In 2015, we chose Colorado. We rented a car and took a huge loop– starting and ending in Denver. We went to Estes Park, Aspen, Breckenridge, Buena Vista, Colorado Springs, and everywhere in between! We found a ton of really great hikes and booked our hotels and B&b’s really last minute! I mean, like… it was 8:00pm on one of the days and we were like… hmmm, where should we stay tonight?! haha! Thank goodness for expedia or whatever website we used to find what was closest to us! I also made a fun little GoPro video which is at the end!

The first day we flew into Denver, and drove up to Estes Park. We started at Bear Lake and hiked to Dream lake and Emerald Lake! It was pretty cloudy and sleeting when we arrived, but as soon as we got to Dream Lake the clouds opened up and it was honestly like a dream- whoever named that lake was spot on!2016-02-25_00242016-02-25_00252016-02-25_00272016-02-25_00282016-02-25_00302016-02-25_00312016-02-25_00322016-02-25_00332016-02-25_00342016-02-25_00362016-02-25_00352016-02-25_00372016-02-25_00562016-02-25_00382016-02-25_00392016-02-25_00402016-02-25_0041This is Dream Lake:2016-02-25_00422016-02-25_00442016-02-25_00452016-02-25_00462016-02-25_00472016-02-25_00482016-02-25_00492016-02-25_00502016-02-25_00512016-02-25_00522016-02-25_0053Emerald Lake:2016-02-25_00542016-02-25_00572016-02-25_00552016-02-25_00582016-02-25_00592016-02-25_0060Making friends with the locals:2016-02-25_00612016-02-25_0062This day was so fun! I love that we experienced all different kinds of Colorado! The first day it was snowy, but we just wore hiking boots. The second day was this more of the winter feel! And the last day we were wearing t-shirts as we hiked CO Springs. Below you will see we snowshoed one of the “14’ers”! We did not get to the top, though! I was getting really nervous about all the clouds that were rolling in and felt like we should turn around. UM– thank goodness we did!! I have no photos of it, but in the video you can see a clip where this huge white out storm rolled in and we couldn’t see 2 feet in front of our face! Luckily we were within 100 yards of the parking lot at this point! It was so crazy and all we could do was laugh! Good thing we turned around when we did or else we would have been making an igloo to take shelter in for the night! 2016-02-25_00632016-02-25_00642016-02-25_00652016-02-25_00662016-02-25_00682016-02-25_00672016-02-25_00692016-02-25_00702016-02-25_0071Spent the evening in Breckenridge. Isn’t that the most adorable Starbucks you’ve ever seen?! I’m regretting that I didn’t go inside! For once in my life, I just didn’t want/need coffee at the moment.2016-02-25_00722016-02-25_0073Drove to Maroon Bells next! We stopped a lot along the way for photo ops…. and coffee.2016-02-25_00752016-02-25_00742016-02-25_00762016-02-25_00772016-02-25_00782016-02-25_00792016-02-25_00802016-02-25_00812016-02-25_00842016-02-25_00852016-02-25_00872016-02-25_0086

This was the actual date of our anniversary. And on our wedding day, we wrote each other letters and locked them in a box so we could read them on our anniversary. So, we surrounded ourselves with mountains and nature and read our letters and reminisced about our wedding day.2016-02-25_00882016-02-25_00892016-02-25_00902016-02-25_00912016-02-25_00822016-02-25_00832016-02-25_0092

The only reason we really went to Buena Vista is because I found this adorable Air BnB before the trip! (It’s called the Surf Chateau if you ever want to visit!) It was a really cute town. We had great food, great ice cream, and went horseback riding the next day! 2016-02-25_00932016-02-25_00942016-02-25_00962016-02-25_00952016-02-25_0097….aaaaaand we got hit by an unexpected rain storm. 2016-02-25_0098then 30 minutes later it was beautiful and sunny again.2016-02-25_01002016-02-25_0099We ended our trip with a quick stop at Colorado Springs. We didnt stay long because it kept raining on us (see in video). 2016-02-25_01012016-02-25_01022016-02-25_0103

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