Lutsen & North Shore 2016

In the beginning of February, we took our second annual family trip to Lutsen! We started the tradition because my brother Jeremy’s band Cloud Cult performs up there every year. I am so proud of him, they just released a new album that he is on and it is incredible. If you don’t have it yet, go by Cloud Cult’s new album “The Seeker”!

While we were there, we did some skiing/snowboarding, which is always so fun. Lutsen is just so beautiful. The best skiing in the midwest!

Jeremy and I are twins. ^^ haha!

On the way home, Tony and I stopped at some of our favorite hiking spots along the North Shore. It was a beautiful day, right at freezing temps and there had just been snow fall the night before. This is the Temperance River state park right along Lake Superior.2016-02-25_00072016-02-25_00082016-02-25_00092016-02-25_00112016-02-25_00102016-02-25_00172016-02-25_00122016-02-25_00182016-02-25_00192016-02-25_00142016-02-25_0013

And of course, I can never go up to the North Shore without stopping to admire this view. It’s my absolute favorite spot in Minnesota. In the winter you have to walk up the steep drive in the snow to get there because they can’t plow it and close it off. But in the summer, you can pull right up to see the view! Palisade Head, everyone.2016-02-25_00162016-02-25_00152016-02-25_00212016-02-25_00222016-02-25_0023

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