Building with the Beckers – Part 3: Exterior

SO much has happened since our last post! We not only have a roof, but it is shingled, the siding is nearly done, windows are in, and we started insulating this week! The countdown is officially on, as we have to be OUT of our current apartment by November 30th!

We also built a chicken coop/shed!! And the answer to your question is YES, we really are going to put chickens in it next year! We had the idea on a Wednesday, Tony had the plans drawn up for it by Thursday, and by Friday night, the foundation was laid and it was halfway up with the help of his dad, Dean!

Aug 22
The Coop:2015-10-17_0058 2015-10-17_00602015-10-17_0064

Aug 24- Sept 4
Time for Trusses:2015-10-17_0059  2015-10-17_0061 2015-10-17_0062

View of the house from the road:2015-10-17_0063  2015-10-17_0065 2015-10-17_0066 2015-10-17_0067

The view out our future back patio door:2015-10-17_0068 2015-10-17_0069 2015-10-17_0070

My Studio:2015-10-17_0071  2015-10-17_0073 2015-10-17_0074 2015-10-17_00752015-10-17_0072 2015-10-17_0076 2015-10-17_0077

Chevy is excited!2015-10-17_0078 2015-10-17_0079 2015-10-17_0080

September 6
Now that the roof is on, the shingling begins! Cheers to Tony and Dean for doing this all by themselves. The entire roof was a 12:12 pitch– AKA 45 degree angle– so it was extremely steep and you couldn’t stand on it without toe holds. I spent lots of time in that fork lift handing them shingles as they went to work! 2015-10-17_0081 2015-10-17_0082 2015-10-17_0083 2015-10-17_0084 2015-10-17_0085 2015-10-17_0086 2015-10-17_0088

Adding the other peak over the entryway:2015-10-17_0089 2015-10-17_0090 2015-10-17_0091

They added the deck roof, and if I can be really honest, it’s hard to envision exactly what you are going to get when the architect draws it out on paper for you. So when I saw this addition to the back roofline, I was pleasantly surprised to see that we will have such a nice outdoor living area too! I was so focused on what the inside was going to look like that I didn’t pay much attention to the decks when we were designing the floor plan.


View from the inside of the deck:2015-10-17_0094 2015-10-17_0093 2015-10-17_0095

Waiting for a huge storm to pass so we could keep shingling! trying to escape the rain under whatever roof we DID have shingled at the time!2015-10-17_0096 2015-10-17_0097 2015-10-17_0098 2015-10-17_0099

September 27
…… AND THEN the windows came and I might have been the happiest girl on earth. Frequently asked question to Tony from Kate: “Soo…. do you know when they are gonna bring the windows and install them?”2015-10-17_0100 2015-10-17_0101 2015-10-17_0102 2015-10-17_0103 2015-10-17_0106

October 6
Shingling: Done.
Windows: In.
Siding happened next!
We chose to do all white EVERYTHING. White board & batten siding// 5 inch white window trim// and white windows. The key to my heart: white. I can thank my Momma Jayne and my Grandma Bop for that. 🙂

2015-10-17_0107 2015-10-17_0108 2015-10-17_0109 2015-10-17_0111 2015-10-17_0112 2015-10-17_0113

We joke that our windows are “chevy height” because they are the perfect height for him to run from room to room and watch the birds and squirrels out of.2015-10-17_0114 2015-10-17_0115 2015-10-17_0116

Chevy is helping me pick carpet samples… “which one looks best with my fur-tone, ma?”2015-10-17_0117

October 18 – Garage doors, front door, Patio door.

And Tony’s favorite part and his biggest request: the tri fold door in the family room! It’s a beaut! Good pick, Tones.2015-10-20_0003 2015-10-20_0004 2015-10-20_0005 2015-10-20_0006 2015-10-20_0007 2015-10-20_0008

…. And after all that, Chevy is pooped!

Until next time!

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