Building with the Beckers – Part 2: The Dirty Work!

These last couple of months have just flown by, and so has the progress on the house! We have come a long way and it’s so fun to see it all evolve through the images that we snap on our iPhones every time we are out there! We started digging in late June, and at this moment they just finished framing up all of the walls and will start putting the roof trusses on this week! It’s really starting to take shape and it’s so awesome to see our vision come to life.


First things first: Drive out where we wanted the driveway to go! 2015-08-17_0002 2015-08-17_0003 2015-08-17_0004  2015-08-17_0006 2015-08-17_0008

Creating the driveway first.2015-08-17_0009 2015-08-17_0010

Our little nephew mason came to help us, he even has his construction shirt on! 2015-08-17_0012 2015-08-17_0013 2015-08-17_0014

Proof that I dug the first scoop!!2015-08-17_0015 2015-08-17_0016 2015-08-17_0017 2015-08-17_0018 2015-08-17_00192015-08-17_00542015-08-17_0055 2015-08-17_0022

SOO much mud! Chevy loved it.2015-08-17_0023 2015-08-17_0024 2015-08-17_0025 2015-08-17_0026

Footings from the back:2015-08-17_0027

Footings from the front:2015-08-17_0028

Foundation walls are up!2015-08-17_0029

Rain rain rain…. we need a roof!2015-08-17_0030

Waterproofing on the walls:2015-08-17_0031 2015-08-17_00562015-08-17_00572015-08-17_00582015-08-17_0032 2015-08-17_0033 2015-08-17_0034 2015-08-17_0035 2015-08-17_0036

Insulation on the basement floor:2015-08-17_0037 2015-08-17_0038 2015-08-17_0039 2015-08-17_0040

Geothermal in-floor heat:

Aaahhhhh, this is when I squealed! We have walls!!2015-08-17_0041 2015-08-17_0042 2015-08-17_0043 2015-08-17_0044 2015-08-17_0045 2015-08-17_0046 2015-08-17_0047 2015-08-17_0048 2015-08-17_0049 2015-08-17_0050 2015-08-17_0051 2015-08-17_0052 2015-08-17_0053

Back view of house:2015-08-17_0061

Front view of house:2015-08-17_0060

And some pretty views out our laundry room window 😉2015-08-17_0062

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