Building with the Beckers – Part 1: Picking the Land

WHOOP. I am so excited to finally write this entry.

Today I am happy to announce that the papers are signed and we have officially bought this beautiful 36 acre piece of land located in Corcoran Minnesota where we will be building our perfect little dreamy farmhouse!!

Let’s go back in time to where it all began… Tony and I have been searching for our “forever home” for quite some time now. We were patient, and knew that everything would fall into place at the right time, in the right place, and in God’s hands for the right reasons. We went back and forth what seemed like a million times: Do we want a lake home? Something in the country with lots of acres? Do we want to build? Buy? Renovate? What’s our budget? (repeat process.) We eventually decided that since Tony has already built two homes and loved it, combined with the fact that I love to design, dream, and decorate on a blank canvas, that building was the most logical answer for us. So- we decided to search for the perfect lot. We wanted something in the country where Chevy could run, Tony could possibly hunt nearby, we could see wildlife, maybe have chickens someday, and a place that I could have a studio to take photos indoors and out.

We found a large chunk of land in Corcoran that peaked our interest. But initially, we weren’t even that interested in it. In fact, the first time we went to look at it back in the spring when it was cold and icky, I didn’t even get out of the car! I told tony when we drove up, “It’s okay, but I just don’t feel like this is it.” It took some day dreaming and imagination, but I slowly started to see the potential in it the more I thought about how we could make it into something really cool. The next time we went there, I actually stepped foot out of the car and walked around the property, the sun was setting, the smell of summer was in the air, trees were green, wheat was planted, and I could really envision calling this place our home.

Once you walk past the first 10 acres of farm field, it drops slightly down to a beautiful landscape with tall grasses and trees, and about 2/3 of the property is wetlands and gorgeous cattails. We have so many dreams about how we will take this property and make it our own. I can’t wait to go on this journey with my best friend, and both of our families and all of our friends so willing to help us. It’s going to be an amazing year! Here are some photos of our gorgeous land!

land-2   land-5  land-7       land-14 land-15 land-16 land-17  land-19 land-20  land-22    land-26

On Sunday, June 14th: We went out to the property and put down the stakes for exactly where our house will be and where we will dig! (and it wasn’t even “officially” ours yet! haha!!) Now it’s getting REAL, folks!

06-14-land-906-14-land-1   06-14-land-4

The wheat has grown so much already, Chevy was hopping through it like a bunny!

06-14-land-7 06-14-land-8

Pretty soon, there will be a home between all those orange stakes! Thanks for following our journey with us!

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